365 digital photos. On going project. (2012)

Everyday, for 365 days.
Memories, the sleep, money and choices are variables of this daily- four year project: time is the constant.

An inmost and subjective work, open to loose interpretation: a personal challenge about the ordinary day by day as impulse to discipline and constancy, but also the discovery - because the result turns into external eye to me - of a lifestyle invisible to me until that time.

In 2012 I've decided for underwear as a symbol of an intimate and daily choice.
People changes clothes everyday and the choice about what wear is not occasional, it is conditioned by commitments, expectations, desires and also moods, clothes are our "shell" and describe our appearance.
This choice not excludes the underwear that, especially for women, represents a hidden accessory full of symbology due to its aesthetic code.
Thong panty, guepiere and culotte, cotton or tulle, patters or lace define a specific style but also show a tinge of my personality.