365 Polaroid (2007)

Everyday, for 365 days.
Memories, the sleep and money are variables of this daily three-year project: time is the constant.

An inmost and subjective work, open to loose interpretation: a personal challenge about the ordinary day by day as impulse to discipline and constancy, but also the discovery - because the result turns into external eye to me - of a lifestyle invisible to me until that time.

First part of the project has begun on 1st of January 2007.
Medium, a Polaroid - instant camera in english, antithesis of digital photo, definition of the moment par excellence.
Every day, a detail that had to be the sense of the difference between today and tomorrow.
Only one instant captured: no matter which one, no matter if blurred or out of focus.
I still can identify and remember the taste of the moment it belongs to.