Ongoing project (2010)

For this project I've asked to my friends living in different places to contribute with a picture.
What I want to set up is a picture chain of people in single file, a very simple concept to put together various contexts and different people in the same position.
I'll be very glad to receive photos also by unknown people, by who cross this project by chance and would like share this idea.

Please, send me your pics here

many thanks to:

Laeticia Beschizza (Paris, France)
Juan Grippaldi (Buenos Aires; Argentina)
Raffaele Russo (N.Y. city;U.S.A.)
Claudia Mozzillo (Roma, Italy)
Roshan Pradhan (Ladakh: India; Kenya;Ferrara, Paderno Dugnano, Italy)
Cristina Martin (Paris, France)
Marco Fagnani (Paris, France)
Massimo Barbato (Milano, Italy)
Michelangelo Tammaro (Madrid, Spain)
Alessia Laudoni (Bologna, Italy; Tokyo, Japan)
Manuela Montella (London, U.K.)
Me (barcelona, Spain)