offset on paper 20 x 80 cm (2003)

The project ikeep, already in its name, appears as a sort of caricature of the systems for installation instructions and layout of the catalogs of a well known multinational furniture.
The idea ironic and unconventional is inspired by a slight reflection of what now appears to be an ordinary exercise, almost trivial, it is not necessary to devote special attention: consumption. Many people experience the act of consumption as a something that concerns only themselves, their tastes, their temptations, their wallet.
On the other hand the reality shows that consumption is anything but a private matter and emphasizes the fact that can not be addressed only as attention to prices and quality of goods exchange.
Our consumption in everyday life is not a simple "individual act" but rather a factor that concerns the whole planet, the whole of humanity, at every level. Consumerism produces a myriad of effects and impacts disastrously on the balance of geopolitical, economic trends favoring hegemonic oppression, exploitation, war, barbarism and cultural annihilation.

However, the project ikeep not intended to be a form of accusation against the methods of production or sale of that company, but an exercise in parody to induce to think that behind the purchase of every new piece of furniture at low cost and with captivating design , is hiding more frustration (mainly induced by advertising techniques), which comes from not being able to eat what you want, rather than fulfill a real need.
But if on the one hand, some people are unaware of these dynamics, the other many are beginning to understand that the 'incessant plenty of news to know and use a single objective: Multiply useless needs to force us to spend beyond all limits.
 The rules are changing with amazing speed and with them the products to be consumed voraciously: cars, computers, cell phones, game consoles, PDAs, pay-TV and appliances of all kinds, are just simple examples of strategic approval, urging the greed . The well-off Westerners have increasingly insatiable as bulimia, people with passion of possession, they swallow everything they find (or that impose) and then the vomit of gigantic mountains of rubbish!